Swarm of Bees

We finally got a call about a swarm of bees near us and we went to go pick them up. We were both so excited because we have been wanting bees for awhile and the nuc we ordered won’t be in until late May.

The call came in around 5pm and when we arrived I was surprised that I actually knew the guy. It was a gentleman that I occasionally work with and he is a fellow beekeeper, although he had never mentioned it before. His hive swarmed and landed in a tree about 10 feet up. It wasn’t a large swarm but it certainly was easy to get. He simply wanted to give others just starting out in the area a chance to catch some bees. Below is us catching the bees and putting them in our hive. I had previously nailed the bottom board to the hive box so I couldn’t shift on us and then we made sure to close the opening and duct tape the lid on so we wouldn’t lose bees on the way home.

To catch them I just sprayed them with sugar water so they couldn’t fly very easily and then used a ladder and some clippers to clip the branch off that they were attached to. Kallie placed the branch in the box and we put the lid on. We had to remove the branch once we got home and add more frames. Half of the frames in the hive are wax foundation and the other half are plastic because I want to see which they elect to build on first. My bet is the wax ones.

We are going to open the hive up in about a week to see how far they have built, but so far it has been several days and they have stuck around. They have been doing orientation flights some, but lately it has been raining a lot. We did install an entrance feeder with some sugar water to get them started.

Also, below is a picture of Rusty trying to drag a large tree limb and our peach tree which was in bloom about two weeks ago.


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