Garden Planting

Kallie and I wanted to plant a little vegetable garden this year next to the chicken yard so we can grow some of our own veggies. Several months ago we made the raised planter beds that we are using and Kallie wrote how to build those in this post here. To start off we had several problems to overcome. The first was how to keep the chickens confined to their yard so they can’t eat all our veggies. To accomplish that task we removed the old cattle fencing that has too large of holes in it to keep the chickens in and replaced it with some old chain-link we had laying around. Next we had to find some good dirt to plant our veggies in since we are lacking any place to dig up dirt on our own property. We had to make a trip into the city and bought several yards of a compost, manure, and topsoil mixture. The dirt is rich in organic materials so our plants ought to grow well in it.

First we laid down several layers of newspaper to act as a weed barrier. Then we mixed in the dirt, chicken manure, and well composted horse manure in a 2:1:1 mixture. Just make sure the horse manure has been composted for about a year otherwise it will kill your plants.

After filling up the boxes and mixing the soil and manure together very well, we watered the soil in to allow it to compact a little. Then we planted our seeds.

As you can see, we planted several different veggies including lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, onions, carrots,and jalepenoes. To the right of the boxes we planted tomatoes and along the back fence we planted potatoes.

Below is some asparagus we have growing close to our garden area that the previous owner planted. It is starting to sprout up all over the place.


In another location on the property we planted a variety of sunflower seeds for Kallie and some heirloom sweet corn. This area of the property has good fertile dirt that stays moist most of the year. The only problem is that means the grass also grows nice and thick here. Below is me cutting and turning the grass over for planting.

We ended up just turning the grass over and planting straight into the dirt on the back side. I figure the corn should grow up quickly and be taller than the grass so that shouldn’t matter.

Close by we took a cattle fence panel and staked it into the ground. Then we planted squash and green beans next to it so that they will have something to grow up on.

In another place we made some small mounds and planted some watermelon seeds and some grape vines along with a raspberries vine.


And lastly is a picture of one of the pear trees we planted earlier this year with some new leaves.


All in all we got a ton of plants in the ground. Now here is to hoping they all come up. At the end of the day we sat down and held each others dirty hands and got to look out at this.


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