Chickens – Week 30

It finally happened! We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for Lucy to lay, and finally, a few days ago, LUCY LAID! I’ve been waiting since the day we ordered these babies online for her wonderful blue or green eggs, hoping that they would be colorful, and that we didn’t get the one Easter Egger that laid brown eggs.


Odd thing is, they are HUGE! Typically when hens first start laying, their eggs are small and progressively get bigger and harder as they get use to the laying process, but Lucy’s eggs started out double the size of others firsts.


Starting at Lucy’s egg working clockwise: Blue Andalusian egg, Speckled Sussex egg, another Blue And. egg, and a Chochin egg.


I found these in the coop this morning


Currently, we have 7 out of 10 hens laying. We’ve decided to start marking the bottom of the eggs each week so we can keep track of how old each egg is. This week it’s purple, so you can see some eggs have purple dots on their bottom.

Lately, we have been having issue with our Blue And. rooster. He’s been a big ole’ meany. Anytime we go down to the chicken yard, he thinks we are a threat. He’s already gotten me once, giving me bruises and cutting my hand. Luckily I was wearing jeans and boots or else he would have gotten me worse. We talked about things we could do to correct this behavior, but seeing that he is a chicken and lacks whatever it is that makes animals trainable, we are unsure if this behavior can ever be modified. We shall see.


7 thoughts on “Chickens – Week 30

    • Have you tried adding a separate feeder with oyster shell? They need enough calcium to build their eggshell and sometimes this can jumpstart the laying process. We noticed that as soon as our rooster started mating with a certain hen, she would lay within a few days.

  1. Also, the other thing we have found is once you give them a dedicated place to lay that is sort of private, they usually start laying. Kallie made some curtains for the laying boxes in Chickens week 26 and we had a new layer within days.

    One last point, chickens laying cycle is dependent on the number of hours of sunshine in a day. Some breeds are effected by the sun more than others. This is why some breeds will actually stop laying eggs in the winter.

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