Hidden Jewelry Box Mirror

Kallie wanted a new place to store her jewelry because her old jewelry box that I made her many years ago is too small. She needed someplace to hang bigger jewelry like her necklaces and bracelets. Looking around our room she came up with the idea to convert an existing wall mirror to become a hanging hidden jewelry box. Some quick measurements and a run to the hardware store and we were ready to get to work. This is how we did it.

The mirror we used is a well made and heavy mirror. This is not some cheap Wal-Mart mirror. After measuring, we bought some wood for the project. We decided to keep it rather slim to the wall so we bought some top choice 1×3″ pine boards and a piece of 1/4″ plywood. To attach the mirror, we bought a four foot long continuous hinge and one of those magnetic latches to keep it shut.


First I set my table saw up to cut a 1/4″ depth about 1/2″ from the edge of the 1×3″ board. Then I ran the full length of the board across the table saw. What this does is makes a slot to install the 1/4″ plywood back into later on. I had to make several passes moving the board over just a little bit to make the slot wide enough to accommodate the plywood.


Next, using measurements off the mirror, we cut the boards for each side making 45 degree cuts to make everything look good. Now to just dry fit everything together to make sure none of the boards are too long or short. Then we attached three of the boards, both long ones and one of the short ends, and nailed them together. Don’t nail them to the mirror, just each other. Some wood glue also helps keep things strong.

Dry fit the last short side and measure the distance between the boards at the top, bottom, and lengthwise to figure out what dimensions to cut the plywood. Don’t forget to add 3/8″ to 1/2″ to your overall measurements to account for the slot the plywood will fit in. Now cut the plywood and slide it into the slot. Attach the last short side. Some minor sanding and trimming may be necessary to make everything fit.

In order to attach the mirror so that it laid flush against the wood, I had to use the router to make a channel that I could sink the hinge into. This took some trial and error but eventually we got it to fit just right. Since I had my router out we also cut a little slot like area into the frame so we could get our fingers behind the mirror to open it.

Then it was time to paint it. Kallie chose to paint the outside of the box a satin black to blend into the rest of the mirror back. After the paint dried, we assembled it and put on the magnetic latch to hold the mirror shut. Lastly we attached the hangers that we took off the original mirror so we could hang the whole thing from the wall. Now this whole thing has some good weight to it so use some good drywall anchors or make sure you hit a stud.

Hope you enjoyed this little project. It only took us about a day to complete. Next, Kallie is going to make a hanging fabric liner that will attach inside and have pockets for all her jewelry. Be looking for that soon. (UPDATE: Inserts are made and hung! https://homesteadingfortwo.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/diy-jewelry-organizer-update/)



3 thoughts on “Hidden Jewelry Box Mirror

  1. I really like this idea! I have a jewelry organizer that can be all mounted or hung on a door. It’s wonderful, but all my jewelry is on display. And heaven forbid you bump it, because jewelry falls everywhere. This is a fantastic idea!

    • That is preciously why we built this. All of Kallie’s jewelry was in a hanging organizer on the back of her closet door. Every time she opened and closed the door it would swing around and make a bunch of noise. Glad you enjoyed the post!

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