Chickens – Week 26

It’s getting hard to keep track of how long we’ve had these chickens! I’ll tell you what, the time definitely flies by.


They’re literally figuring out how to jump the fence

The flock is adjusting to it’s new hierarchy. Our Blue And. is still the top (and has gotten pretty feisty lately, attempting to attack me multiple times, which is a completely different story for another day). The other rooster that we have, the Partridge Cochin, found his voice soon after the flock shrank in size. It’s funny to hear them crowing at the same time, because their crows are completely opposite. Unfortunately though, we’re guessing because of the sudden transition, this Cochin (whom we’ve aptly named Bigfoot) has been wandering around our property alone. We aren’t sure if he’s being kicked out of the group by Blue, or if he’s just looking for his other friends (sorry dude).


The days following the harvesting, we updated and cleaned our coop and opened up the nesting boxes. In the photos below, the nesting boxes are currently closed (to keep them out at night) and I hadn’t put any curtains up yet (for privacy). We also removed the top roost and lowered it for two reasons: 1. so we wouldn’t have anyone pooping into the boxes at night and 2. so no one would have poop on their backs. The egg that you see in the photo below is a ceramic egg. Also excuse my “demonic” Brahma. She wasn’t ready for her picture to be taken!


Within a couple days, we had a (tiny) egg show up! I assumed automatically that it was a Speckled Sussex because she was rooting around in the hay in the nesting boxes once when I opened up the coop during the middle of the day. She hadn’t laid that day, but the next day was when we found her egg. A couple days later, I hung out in the chicken yard and watched her climb into a box, scratch around, and then sit.


I waited outside in the cold for 30 minutes before she came out again. BUT, there was an egg! So our suspicions were confirmed. These tiny eggs were coming from a Speckled Sussex.


The egg laying adventure had begun! Now we’re just waiting for the rest of our girls to start laying. Below is an image showing the size and variety of the eggs we are currently getting on our property. The top egg is our Speckled’s egg. The middle one is one of our renter’s Rhode Island Red’s egg. And the bottom is a Georgia egg.


Pretty neat huh?


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