Prologue: The Butchering of a Chicken

Well the long awaited day is finally here for about half of our chickens. We bought and raised these birds from chicks with the intent that one day some of them would provide us with eggs while others would meet their fate and end up in the freezer.

Kallie and I have been discussing when the right time to butcher the chickens are for months now. We have decided that they are pretty well full grown and they have started to fill out nicely. Exactly which birds and how many we are going to butcher today is unknown, but we have been watching them for weeks trying to pick out the birds with the most unpleasant traits (pecking, lame, aggressive, etc). Since we would like to continue our little flock we only want the most cooperative birds that are good foragers, and since you need a rooster to fertilize the eggs, we have decide that our Blue Andalusian and one other rooster can stay.

I am hoping the butchering part doesn’t bother Kallie too much. We have talked about this kind of stuff since the very beginning of buying our little homestead. We want to become more self-reliant, learn new skills, and eat better which means getting more in-touch with where our food comes from. One of the reasons for raising our own chickens is we know that our meat and eggs come from healthy and happy chickens.

So we have collected our internet and book research, sharpened our knifes, and collected just about everything we can think we are going to need. Now we just have to catch the chickens and get to it. Be looking for our post on our first chicken butchering experience within the next few days.



2 thoughts on “Prologue: The Butchering of a Chicken

  1. Good luck! I did our first two weeks ago-can’t say I’m looking forward to doing the next one but I am looking forward to the dinner! If you need any advice of the non practical variety I would say don’t overthink it, try and switch off. Once it looks oven ready it doesn’t look like your chook anymore thankfully! Bon appetite!

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