Raised Garden Beds – Construction

Today, Dale and I decided to begin working on our raised garden beds. The boxes are relatively easy to build – so easy, in fact, that I built them all by myself (with Dale’s occasional “yes, that’s right”).


We bought enough to make two boxes (24 planks total)

Supplies you need to build one box:
– Drill
– 1.5″ Screws
– Saw (circular, table, hand, whatever you typically use to cut wood)
– Measuring tape and pencil
– 12 cedar fence pickets
– 1 2x4x8 pine or cedar (anything but treated wood)
– A helper to help hold walls in place

First you will need to cut 4 cedar pickets in half. They should originally be 6′ long, so cut them down to 3′. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as we are going for practicality, not beauty. There are ways you can make it look good, but we won’t be discussing that here since we decided to spend as little as possible on this project.


You should now have eight 6′ boards and eight 3′ boards. We will be making these boxes four pickets high (14″ tall). None the less, stack four boards together and measure them (see image below). Whatever this measurement is, cut four of these sections out of the 2x4x8 pine plank. You will also need to cut two more smaller (or same size) sections for the middle of the longest section of the boxes – for stability. More on this later.



We had already used the majority of these 2×4’s for another project so these were our scraps

Now you can begin placing the screws in. Start by placing two 14″ blocks on the ground and laying four pickets across them. Make sure one side is lined up against the edge of the block. We placed two screws on either outside board and one in both the middle boards.


Repeat this step on the other end. Once this is complete, measure out the middle and place another block under the middle. This could be either 14″ or smaller, depending on what you have on hand. What we used were scraps, but if you wanted to place a ledge on the top of your finished box, I would make these middle sections even with the rest. Screw this in. This will help keep the boards from bowing when placing soil in the boxes.


That should complete one wall of our box. Repeat these steps to create two walls.


Now you will need a helper to hold the two walls up so you can begin screwing the sides on. Make sure they line up and go board by board until you have four boards attached.


Repeat this on the other end.


And there you have it! A complete raised garden box. Rusty and Chester seem to be enjoying the box! This project literally took an hour, maybe even less. In the next few weeks, we will be adding soil and getting ready to plant our seeds!


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