Chickens – Week 21

Hello everyone! It’s been a crazy Christmas season! We’ve been so busy making Christmas gifts and preparing for the cold and for traveling that we haven’t had much time to post about our chickens. But do not fear! They are still growing and still eating a ton, although the chicken yard is getting pretty skimpy – both greenery wise and bug wise! Anytime we walk anywhere in sight of the chickens, our Blue crows at us, and we swear he’s demanding we bring him food. But I’ll tell you what, our chickens are spoiled! They get all our scrap food and veggies that are too ripe for us to eat. They also got our pumpkins that we never carved (they were decorations). Surprisingly, they weren’t rotten yet, so we had fun throwing the pumpkins up in the air and watching them land and smash everywhere (not gonna lie, we also got to practice our zombie-head kicking).


In this picture above, you can see all the chickens thoroughly enjoying the pumpkins. Also, you can see our Blue chasing our friend’s Black Sexlink away from our coop. He’s such a meanie.


Georgia the turkey contemplating what this huge orange thing is.


We are unsure if grass will ever grow in this chicken yard again.


They have successfully cleaned the pumpkin halves. They love love LOVE these pumpkins. In fact, we had only two left, and they were waaay on the other side of our property (but still in view of the chickens). A few of our chickens went up and around our fence and waaay down to where the pumpkins were just to eat them. That had to of been a trek. Good thing there was food at the end!

Lately we’ve been in and out of the shop working on projects and Christmas gifts. Some of the chickens – we’ll call them the Fab Flock – figured out where their food comes from.


I think I was sanding, when all the sudden Rusty and Chester came to attention, looking toward the entry door. I look over to see a few hens wandering into the shop. These guys weren’t scared at all. They just wandered on in, picking at the ground, as if this wasn’t a whole new scenery. I walked over to them and they looked at me and decided that I was right, they didn’t need to be in the shop where there was who knows what that they could get into, so they ran out.

Currently, we are experiencing a ton of rain, and I’m sure we will be getting snow here within the next day or two, but other than that, I probably won’t be posting about chickens for another couple weeks. Until next time!


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