Chickens – Week 11

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been so absent from the blog for a while. There really hasn’t been any exciting things going on with our little beasts. They are still growing, and eating, and growing, and pooping, and oh yeah, growing. They are soooo ready to get out of that coop. I will say that the past two or three times that we have let them out in the evenings, they have roosted themselves up, which is nice. Now Dale and I are just waiting for them to be big enough so we can let them out full time. Hopefully that will happen by the end of this month.


Because the chickens are getting so big, we figured out that they aren’t all roosting on the roost. Instead, a lot of them (ah hem, the Cochins) have been roosting in the nesting boxes. I’m afraid of them keeping this bad habit and not laying eggs in there. So I decided to add an extra roost, as well as board up the nesting boxes. They aren’t using them anyways for their designed purpose, so why not, right? Now they love the roost, or at least I haven’t heard any complain!


However they did enjoy pecking at the board quite a bit. I can just imagine hearing them saying, “Wait! Let me in! It’s so comfy cosy in there!!”


All my babies roosted up.

Also, check out these feet feathers! They crack me up! I love my Cochins (and my Brahma’s)!


Here are a couple pictures of the flock.

IMG_6370 IMG_6373 IMG_6375 IMG_6377 IMG_6389

This is one of my very pretty Blue Andalusian females. We have two (three if you include the male). One female is a dark grey, whereas the other one, this one, is all very light grey, with only a few black feathers. Isn’t she gorgeous?


They love this top roost.


They are getting so big! It’s crazy how big they are getting.

The only issue we are finding is that because they are getting so big, and of course they are figuring out the pecking order, but the coop is too small for them. They are constantly fighting and unfortunately, there’s no way we can really stop them. We’re pretty sure the male Blue And is the one picking on everyone, but who knows. It always happens when we aren’t around. But my poor babies are getting all beat up. This morning when I went to check on them and feed/water them, I noticed one my Partridge Cochins had a swollen eye and a little scab on his comb:


I also noticed one of my Brahma’s had a huge scab on his comb:


It upsets me, but I can’t do much to stop it.


I’ll end this update with a cute picture of my pups, waiting for me to either let the chickens out or for me to come play with them. Silly pups!

Until next time!


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