Just an Update

Well I have been absent from the blog for a week now as I have taken the last week to fast from technology and focus more on God. I had no particular reason for turning my last week towards God but I did hope to come closer to Him and get into a better rhythm with devotional and prayer time. I guess a relationship with God is much like a worldly relationship in that it takes work. So for the past week I have avoided TV and the computer except when necessary to complete my devotionals or do my job. In the end I can say that I am much more content in my life and I look forward to my relationship with God growing further.

Now on to what I have coming soon to the blog.

Ever thought about building a hand powered water pump for your well for about $50? Well I am happy to say that I just completed that project and hope to have the full write up online in the next few days.

Also on the radar is a blog post about assessing potential disasters for your location and how to be prepared for them. This is an article that I have been very interested in writing and hope to have it up by this weekend.

A quick update on the chickens which will be covered in greater detail on the next chicken weekly posting. We had one of our 8 week old roosters develop a HUGE crop. The crop is their first stomach at the base of their neck. It swelled up to the size of a baseball and was squishy. We decided to put him into isolation for about 4 days and gave him water, water with apple cider vinegar, bread with olive oil, and small amounts of regular food. All of this was in the hopes of strictly regulating his intake while making sure what he did eat would have a laxative effect. After 4 days his crop was back to the size of a ping pong ball. We moved him back to the flock and within hours he had gorged himself so his crop is once again too big. Kallie and I are hoping that this will pass naturally but he may be one of the first ones that gets culled if this is because of bad genetics.

Well, check back in a few days for more posts.



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