I ordered garlic online in July from The Garlic Store and I couldn’t wait to plant it. I had heard that it was super easy to grow and it was a good insect deterrent in the garden. PLUS, it smells amazing to have around. Well, I have three potted apple trees that have insects on them almost daily. So I decided that once the garlic comes in, I would plant them under the trees to help get rid of the insects on the trees, as well as repel mosquitoes on the porch.

So here’s my tutorial for planing garlic!

First, you need to start with a head of garlic. Start breaking off the cloves.


These are huge cloves.


Try to keep the skin on them. I had four heads of garlic. This picture (below) shows the cloves I got from one garlic head.


I laid them out around the tree in the pot. Make sure you place the well.


Using a spade, dig a little hole by rocking the spade back and forth to move the dirt out of the way. It only needs to be 3-4″ deep, depending on your garlic variety.


Slide or push the garlic into the hole gently and cover it with dirt.


These next two pictures show two cloves that were rotten. They smelled terrible.

IMG_6083 IMG_6084

Once you have them planted, make sure they are covered with dirt. I then sprinkled a little bit of fruit and veggie fertilizer over the surface of the dirt. I covered this with mulch because garlic loves water and I have a hard time keeping this trees watered and moist. Mulch helps keep the dirt moist. I’ll have to update you guys once they start peeking through the mulch.


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