Chickens – Week 7

Hi guys! Sorry we haven’t been posting weekly updates about our little birdies. The truth is, there just hasn’t been much going on with them. They eat and drink, they poop, and they grow – all in excess. Seriously. We are having to fill our feeder up about everyday now, and the water bucket at least twice a day.


This picture was taken on August 29th. We gave them a peach and some squash. They went berserk.

They do seem to be getting a little friendly too.


This is one of our friendliest chickens, a Buckeye which we have decided to call Bonnie. She’s a smart one. But she’s always first to the door when we open it.

IMG_5904 IMG_5908

Fatty decided he was tired of this phone in his face, so he thought he would try to peck at it. See if food came out. It did not.


This one was a surprise. I don’t know if she was trying to flee the coop, but she sat here for two full minutes and let me pet her. This is completely opposite of the males in this breed, Speckled Sussex (below). But I enjoyed every minute of it!


Recently, we have let them out more under our supervision. They are just getting so big and so cramped in that coop. We feel bad for them. So we typically let them out for a little bit in the evenings. One evening, we decided to see if they would roost themselves up.


Several of them did end up in the coop all by their own accord. It was glorious! I watched in amazement as I realized I wouldn’t have to chase around 21 chicks. Several of them, pictured above, enjoyed just sitting on the door. These four chicks were the only ones who didn’t want to completely roost up on their own. They would walk up the ramp and then jump off of it, then wander around until Dale had to just pick them up. Silly birds.

That’s all for now. Until next time!


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