DIY Chicken Feeder

Our chickens are getting pretty big and their natural instincts are getting even bigger. These little guys love scratching their pine shavings everywhere – including into their food trough.


So we devised a way to stop that from happening. We went out and bought some thin wall 3″ PVC, an elbow and two end caps. We measuring our door to the coop (because that’s where we wanted to hang it) and began to cut and assemble it. We created an “L” shaped container (to allow for storage of food), then we measured where we would need to drill our holes.


We had to decide how many holes we wanted and how big. We settled on six.


If you notice, the holes end up being pretty rough, which could potentially harm the chickens. So I sanded them down by hand.


Then we hung it on the inside of our coop door.


I realized though that our chicks might still be a little on the short side, so we had to build a little ledge for them to perch on to eat, although some of them don’t use it and some just stand on the PVC.



3 thoughts on “DIY Chicken Feeder

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