Chickens – Week 3

Shortly after we posted “Week 2,” we knew we had to move the chicks to their coop. We loaded them up into our big orange bucket and moved them outside.

Chickens week 3

It’s funny, when they’re all clumped together, it doesn’t look like 21 chicks.

Chickens week 3

Then we decided to let them out with the dogs safely locked inside the house. They LOVED it! They found so much new stuff to eat! Then came the hard part… We had to wrangle them all up. We looked like crazy people trying to catch these chicks! But we got them all and closed them up in the coop and turned the heat lamp on. Their first night went really well. Luckily, we could see them from our room because of the heat lamp – actually this was kind of ominous; a red lamp in the middle of the darkness. They stayed up late running around their coop checking things out.

In other news, the males started developing their combs. This is a speckled sussex (I’m pretty sure).

Chickens week 3

Check out this little Cochin strutting his stuff in the grass:

Chickens week 3

And here’s the Cochin on Rusty’s head. He’s such a sweet dog with these chicks.

Chickens week 3

Chickens week 3

Here’s the inside of their coop. They are absolutely loving it. They are slowly learning their roost and the hen boxes (although they are far from using it for what they are meant for).

Chickens week 3

Below is one of our Buckeyes. These poor chicks are the worst looking ones at the moment. They are our little prepubescent teens.

chickens week 3

Here’s our little Lucy hiding under the water that we hung. They are really digging deep into the whole scratching instinct (get it?), and were constantly filling up the water tray with pine shavings, so we decided to hang it up.

chickens week 3

I took this picture (below) this morning. Check out those fuzzy feet!

chickens week 3

Here’s one of our light Brahma’s. Funny story, our friend moved in next door and brought her Rhode Island Reds (as well as two turkeys, a Silkie and a black Sexlink). I was impressed with how big they were, as I had only seen them once before about a month and a half ago when they were smaller. I questioned her as to how much they weighed. She didn’t know so we googled it! The females weigh on average 6.5 lbs and males 8.5 lbs. My jaw dropped. They were big chickens, but I didn’t expect that size to weigh 6.5 lbs. (Remember, this is my first time ever being around chickens). I just imagined the ginormous Brahma’s we’re going to have (males average 12 lbs. and females average 10 lbs.). Then I began to wonder if they would even fit through the door!! I guess we will see!

chickens week 3

I decided to give them an overripe plum this morning for breakfast. There was a frenzy to get to it. I left them alone so I could fill their water and food and when I came back, they looked like they murdered it! There was red all over the place – on their beaks, feet, and in the pine shavings. Side note – I gave another plum to my friend’s chickens and only her Silkie could figure it out. Looks like they are going to be loving living close to me!

chickens week 3 chickens week 3

So that was week three. We will update you guys next week!


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